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I have joined a couple of other sites that I THOUGHT were comparable to yours…However they have fallen miserably short. The resources that you provide to your SMP Members are invaluable. I have learned much about the music industry that other sites never touch on...And they give you so little, yet their fees are outrageous.

I have told others about your site, and will continue to sing your praises!

Vernon Burgess - BMI Affiliate


Whitney Jorday Entertainment endorses MBD:

"Your MBD Members Website is Absolutely the Most Bang for your Buck on the entire Internet!"

Whitney Jordan
Whitney Jordan Entertainment


Tower of Stone Productions endorses SMP and SongConnect™…

Dear La Costa Music,

I am truly grateful for the information and insight that the SMP Members Site has given me. It is always a pleasure to have information a few key strokes away.

I am a recent finalist in a prestigious International Songwriting Contest. I have years of extensive experience in the music industry. My experiences include work as a Publisher, Producer, Vocalist, Musician and Arranger.

The SMP Members Site is an excellent website with great resources…and also, I have already begun to get some positive responses from the SongConnect™ contacts list.

Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery
Tower Of Stone Productions


Stellar Earth Music Ltd. endorses the MBD Members website:

"This Website is a Marketer's Dream!"

Sean Michael Dillon
Stellar Earth Music Ltd.


Dear Mr. Livingston,

You are very cool!

I enjoyed the Magic Bullet Seminars. Seeing myself in the proper place in the big picture is very helpful. I can already feel my head growing. You are right on the money with the advice given in the seminar text. The seminars are a real asset.

Thanks for making them available at a reasonable price. I appreciate it and I hope others do as well. I wish you could see how much you have influenced my career.

Keep up the good work.

Dig It!



Strong Management Inc. endorses the SMP Members website:

"Finding Answers to My Questions was a Snap using the SMP Site Search Engine!"

Leonard Armstrong
Strong Management Inc.


Muddy Water Entertainment endorses

"I want to thank you for the wonderful information that you have provided for us.

Thank You Again,"

Shun Reynolds
Muddy Water Entertainment


Ebonyeyes Consulting Supports SMP:

"I got much much more for my money on the SMP Members website than I ever figured I would!"

Shirley Turner
Ebonyeyes Consulting


Dear La Costa Music,

I like what you are doing. I am a new member at SMP. Thanks for providing a way for songwriters, artist and producers to get in the door.

You've got my support!

Thanks Again,

Baroni Parson - BMI Affiliate


Dear La Costa Music,

I am currently a member of your MBD Membership Website and also in the process of creating my own publishing website, which will include a music industry links page. I am requesting permission to put a link to your site on my links page, as I think this is a highly valuable resource.

Thanks for your time!

Christopher M. DeMaria
Sonic House Publishing


Dear La Costa Music,

The info on your SMP website is great!

I just joined and I'm looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship. I'm a drummer of 32 years and have experience in most of the aspects of the music industry. I'm trying to start my own internet label.... and get the band I represent signed, publicized, and distributed.

Thank you,

Herbert L. Concoy Jr.


Keybo Songwriting Company endorses the SMP Members website:

"This Website is Well Thought Out, and Covers All Aspects of the Music Business!"

Paul R Bursch
Keybo Songwriting Company


Dear Mr. Livingston,

We like your SMP website! Please keep us on your mailing list. If you are in the Boston area we would consider you as a guest for our television program.

Joe Viglione
Visual Radio-Television



Dear La Costa Music,

Your SMP Website is outstanding! It's fast, well organized, and filled to overflowing with all the valuable information and links you promise.

I've been a graphic designer and marketing consultant in Orange County, CA for over 20 years. I have my own digital project studio and have written over 500 songs -- even produced three albums.

I've been holding off on getting into music publishing because of the daunting learning curve. Your website has shortened that curve for me into days instead of years.

I now feel I have a reliable source of industry information like a 'world-wise' mentor to help me understand and negotiate the complexities of this immense industry.

Congratulations on an outstanding job. I'm excited and eager to taste the many treats and touch the lustrous 'pearls' your site has to offer.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You!

Again-Thank you La Costa Music for the loving 'Herculean' effort called

L.J. Heart
Love & Music Productions


GPY Productions Inc. Supports

"I Got Much More for My Money than I Figured I Would!"

Gregory Patterson
G.P.Y. Productions Inc.


GES Productions endorses the SMP, TMBIO, and MBD Membership websites:

Dear Sir,

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating such a complete and comprehensive home on the internet for those of us caught in the muck and mire of frustration known as the business of music...

I do appreciate the hard work it takes to keep a comprehensive site like yours up and running with the information that is far more valuable then any fees spent on membership.

Take care,

George Sessum
GES Productions


Dear Mr. Livingston:

I have been reading "The Music Business…Inside Out" and I think it is terrific. I am assisting my daughter to form a multimedia company producing entertaining self-help products for kids 4-12, and your information is invaluable.

Thanks again for producing such an excellent online encyclopedia of the Music Business.

Aloha - Jackie Levy


Dear Mr. Livingston,

I'm sending you a thank you note. The info that you sent me was a blessing, which showed that there are still some good people left in this industry. Thanks for reading my letter, and checking out my bio on the greenleaf web site. You will truly be blessed for saving my career.

Hopefully, one day we will get to meet and do some serious business together, cause I have too many songs recorded and inside of me to let go to waste!

God will truly bless you for helping out the less fortunate people trying to break-in this music industry!


Carmen Spratt
Sweet Karma


Dear La Costa Music,

I signed up for the SMP Membership and MBD Membership on line the other day…Love your service. A true wealth of information!

David Fisher


Tooz Promotions endorses MBD:

"The MBD Members Website is simply the BEST I've seen yet! Every searching tool you'll ever need regarding the Music Business in on this website."

Michael A. Tuozzo
Tooz Promotions


D. M. de Gale World Class Management endorses the websites.

Darin M. de Gale


Dear Mr. Livingston,

I'll be graduating from Belmont University in December with a music business degree and I'm also trying to break into the business. The business contact sources alone are well worth the SMP Membership fee. I'll be using this site a lot in the future!

Thanks J.J. Usher


Maurkeys Music Publishing endorses the SMP Members website:

"If you need music business CPR...this is the website for you!"

Duane Wall
Maurkeys Music Publishing


Isha Records endorses

"I was able to find answers to my Music Business questions quickly using the SMP Site Search Engine!"

Walter Godbold
Isha Records


Tightfett Productions endorses SMP:

"Thank you for the great information on your site."

D'Artanyon Tett
Tightfett Productions


Dear La Costa Music,

Your MBD Members website has been very beneficial to me…keep things the way they are!

Randy Broadus



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