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The Music Business Directory
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Includes 19 Music Business Directories!

1. Professional Organizations
2. Artists and Bands
     Band Name Trademark Search
     Match Artists to their Record Labels
3. Artist Managers
     Find the Manager of a Band or Artist
4. Music Attorneys
     Copyright, Trademark, Patent Search
5. Music Publishers
     Rights Ownership Search:
     Copyright Ownership
     Song Performance License

6. Record Labels
     Match a Label to its Distributor
7. Record Company A and R Reps

  8. Record Producers
Production Companies
Recording Studios
Video Production Companies

13. Record Promotion
Record Distribution/Sales
Talent and Booking Agents
Find the Booking Agent of a Band
Includes Tour Management
Concert/Performance Venues
Current Tours and Tickets
Labor Unions
Publicity and Marketing
Music Periodicals


Who Should Use This Search System?
Music Marketers, Branding Agents, Artists, Bands, Record Labels,
Music Licensors, Music Licensees, Music Publishers,
Music Lawyers, Copyright Lawyers, Music Trademark Lawyers,
Music Agents, Artist Managers, Producers, Production Companies,
Promoters, Music Publicists, PR Departments, Sales Departments,
Retailers, Manufacturers, University Libraries and more…

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Music Business Search Central Indeed
Find Street Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Websites, More…

Find Bands and Performing Artists
Do Band Name Searches to Procure Service Marks and Trademarks
Do Individual Service Mark and Trademark Searches…

Find Music Publishers . Find Record Labels
Find Composers or Songwriters . Search for a Particular Recording Artists
Search for a Particular Song . Search for a Particular Audio Recording
Find Owners of the Song Use Rights . Find Owners of the Recording Use Rights

Match a Recording Artists to their Record Label
Search for a Music Attorney
Search for an Artist Manager
Find Music Professional Organizations

Find Music Related Businesses…

Recording Studios . Record Distributors
Record Producers . Record Promoters
Record Production Companies . Marketing Agents
Video Production Companies . Talent and Booking Agents
Record Manufacturers . Concert Venues/Tours/Tickets

Search for Publicity Agents
Search for a particular Ezine or Music Magazine

Search for Entertainment Labor Unions

Search for Websites and Email Addresses of Music Businesses!


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The Music Business Directory

The Ultimate 411 Locator Website

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