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A printed "package" that serves as a means to convey the publicity of an artist. This is often an initial publicity release sent to newspaper editors, trade magazines, radio stations, various music business and professional people and organizations, promoters and potential promoters. It may also be sent to a record label or distributor or even an agent in order to further a career. The kit should be sent out with all networking and other "business" you do. You never know when a connection can be created. See Cross-links: ADVERTISING, MEDIA KIT, PRESS RELEASE, DEMO, SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION, AUDITION, ADVERTISEMENT under "Display Advertisement," PUBLICIST, PUBLIC RELATIONS, PUBLICITY, PUBLICITY-A CLOSER LOOK, PROMOTION, RECORD PROMOTION.

The kit usually includes:

1) A 1 to 3 page typeset or word processor printed bio (biography) of the artist (use a professional writer if possible). The bio would include current activities as well as a history of the artist (called a fact sheet). It would tell the style of music the artist plays and the influences that nurtured his development. Include all band members and list the instruments they play.

2) Black and white photos (shot by a professional) with the artist's logo, name and address printed on each photo.

3) The mention of any big name acts for whom the artist has opened. Also mention show features such as pyrotechnics, etc..

4) 1 to 4 photocopies of the best magazine and newspaper articles, record reviews, press remarks, and a discography.

5) A copy of the artist's latest CD along with the artist Web Page address, agent representative's phone number, FAX, e-mail, and cable and telex numbers. The kit might be enveloped in a cardboard folder with a reproduction of the album cover on the front.

6) A brief synopsis of the artist's marketing plan to include advertising, tour, and radio promotions (this will help to assure distributors and retailers that the record is being pushed).

7) A cover letter that tells who you are and what you want. Be specific. Mention a plan for follow up…"Please call me to confirm receipt of this material," or "I'll call you in 10 days."

8) Package the kit so it will be noticed in a pile of other press kits. Use something catchy on the front and back of the package. You may want to highlight a hot upcoming gig date, etc.. Use a folder with pockets. Use velcro to attach a copy of your latest CD inside the folder in plain sight. If you have a sticker with the band's logo on it, you may want to add that to the front of the folder. Don't wrap the package in cellophane or otherwise make the package hard to open. Send the package "priority" mail.

Place your name address and phone number on every piece included in the kit. Don't staple all the pages together. Color code the ones that go together and number them "page 1 of 4," etc..

Further, every kit that is sent out should be tailored to fit the specific audience that receives it. For example, if it is sent to the media, include a unique angle…controversy is always a good media gimmick, or mention the charity benefit that is coming up, etc.. The press kit's main function is to stimulate media interest by encouraging interviews and written articles on the artist (experienced publicists always put releases that encourage press coverage in hard copy to minimize erroneous quotes or aberrations of the facts!).

If the kit is going to a record label…

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