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La Costa Music
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30 Book Editions!

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Robert Allen Livingston
Author - Freelance Writer - Editor - Publisher - Consultant

Celebrity Ghostwriting - Autobiographies - Memoirs


Robert A. Livingston turned professional as a writer in 1981. He has now sustained his full time professional writing career for over 30 years.

He belongs to a group of writers that are without doubt, a select few. This is because only 5% of all professional writers ever make a fulltime living at it... let alone maintain and nourish it for over a quarter of a century!

And beyond this, he would even be included as a part of the cream of the crop of that select few. This is because there is a long list of world-class professionals and companies who have purchased his books, creative content, and writing services all these many years.

And, because of their own wide range of success, his clientele are indeed 'household name' patrons:

Paul Simon, Kenny Rogers, Patty Loveless, Hank Williams Jr., Tom Jones Enterprises, The Dick Clark Company Inc., The Coca Cola Company, The Miss Universe Pageant, Disneyland, Macy's, Paramount Pictures Corp., Columbia Pictures, MTV, HBO, Arista Records, Sony Music, Walt Disney Music Co., Warner Bros. Music, Panasonic, Microsoft, CBS News, Portland Trail Blazers, The Zondervan Corp., Time-Life Books Inc., Reader's Digest, Harvard University, Yale University, Duke University, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, and Boston University.

As an Author, Freelance Writer, Editor, Publisher and Consultant, Robert A. Livingston has served his patrons well. And the good news is, he is now offering his professional consulting and writing services online! 

Everyone who contracts out their copy writing to a professional understands the value of experience... and here is bona fide experience:

Robert A. Livingston is founder and owner of La Costa Music ~ "Serving the Top Professionals Since 1979." As part of that service he has authored, edited, and published 30 book editions to include these titles and many others:

  • The Music Business... Inside Out!  (682 pages hardcover)
  • The Music Business Reference Vols. 1 & 2
  • Livingston's Complete...
              Music Industry Business and Law Reference Book
  • The Music Publisher Directory
  • Trademarks
  • The Recording Contract
  • Sound Basics
  • The Record Label, A & R, and Record Producer Directory
  • The Motion Picture and Video Production Directory
  • The Promotion, Distribution and Services Directory
  • Recording Artist Management, and many more.

He was also a hard print newsletter writer and editor throughout the 80's and early 90's publishing the Record Industry's leading newsletter of that era 'Music Industry HardKnocks.'

Then in 1996, he brought his expertise to the Internet as webmaster of the astounding website ~ "The World's Largest Music Business Website."

And he continues to the present to serve his many hard working client entrepreneurs. As he conveys, via his website, the timely insight they need to untangle the complexities of their day to day business challenges. This insight provides them the wherewithal to circumvent adversity and move their careers forward unto fruition... allowing them to bask in the success they have so justly earned and deserve.

To this end, he has also been the author, editor, and publisher of countless articles and online seminars over the years.

In addition, his portfolio includes considerable experience in the writing of technical documents that deal with a wide range of difficult subject matter.

For example, he is able to get to the true meaning of complicated legal documents that pertain to highly complex issues such as Contract Law, Patent Law, Trademark, Copyright, and Licensing Law. Plus, he has the expertise to take that detailed information and put it into a concise and ordered presentation that can be clearly understood by the average reader.

In addition, he has written extensively on many other demanding topics such as Advertising, Publicity, Promotion, Agents, Business Management, Visas, Cross-Collateralization, Tax Avoidance, and Tax Audits.

He is creative and innovative as well. For instance, he combined his knowledge of promotion with his creative abilities, and came up with the one-of-a-kind "8th Wonder of the World" innovation called 'The RingTones Pyramid.'

He is also just as resourceful in his ability to tell an attention-grabbing story. For example, he is able to project a profound message while simultaneously using humor and wit to tickle your funny bone!

His creative juices began to flow
back in high school when, as a senior, he wrote the poem 'So Long' as a farewell tribute to his "beloved" teachers. And then, in the early '70's picked up a guitar and started to put poems to music. By 1977 he was performing as a professional singer, musician and entertainer in Lake Tahoe while having penned, as a songwriter, the 40+ songs in his act.

By the end of that decade he had come down from the mountains to get 'spiritually high' on the beaches of Southern California... while studying theology, Greek, and Hebrew to eventually become a teacher of advanced theology.

So in the end, even though having completed over 165 semester hours of higher level education, he left those academic and material world pursuits behind.

Yes, his creative side and spiritual side finally won out! And since then, he has carved out an enduring career as a writer.

The Bottom Line is that with all of his experience, understanding, creativity, and spirituality, there also has emerged a profound sense of focus, discipline, penetrating understanding, foresight, and the ability to innovate.

Focus and Discipline with Understanding make it possible for him to cut to the chase and reduce complicated material down to size... he has the ability to deliver clear comprehensive copy with ordered and concise structure.

Foresight allows him to eliminate the pitfalls and shortens the time it takes to finalize the copy. Yes, "right the first time" finds its origin in foresight!

Innovation... well, that's the icing on the cake!

Translation: Hiring him will save you money... and probably make you money as well!

Yes, now you can rest easy knowing there is someone who can get your job done right the first time! And with the pizzazz to blow your competition away to boot! And... at a reasonable rate anyone can afford!

When all is said and done, everyone knows that experience really counts and there is no substitute for well exercised know-how, proficiency, and zing! And it is not likely you will find another professional writer with this gravity of skill and track record...

So, look no further.

You can fill all your professional writing needs right here, right now!

If you would like to hire Robert A. Livingston, 'to make it happen,' with regards to all your written copy and content:

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